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We believe as you send in prayer request even prayer for healing

faith will increase 

Come up Higher!

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My Path

My spiritual journey has taken me to participate in many religions....

Baptist Episcopal and Non- denominational.

Sadly all  ending in disappointment from church to church only to discover that Abba simply wants a true personal relationship with His children.  He does not dwell in buildings made with mans hsnds but in our bodies,

which was paid  for  by His Son Yahusha. We will be taking prayer request,prayer for healing and 

we will be operating in the prophetic ministry.

Greater things we will do because  Yahusha has gone to the Father.

Yes there will be evidence of healing signs and wonders ...that follow the believers!

We are those who have been called out from among them to be separate from man made religion... Now we who have received His free gift of salvation can come before Him with singing and  enter into His courts with praise . His (Spirit) Ruach Hakadosh bids us all to Come and Dine with the Father(Abba).

Let Him who thirst drink of the living water and be healed physically spiritually and financially. So that we may be ready with our lamps filled with oil ready for  the Wedding of the Lamb of Elohim..,

We are thankful to Him ...Bless His holy name Yahuah!


I Believe

Here at Beloveds ministry we believe that there is neither Jew nor Greek bond or free 

male nor female for  we are all one in Yahusha 

And if ye be Yahusha's then are ye Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise . Galatians 3:28-29  


My Community

We are excited to have the opportunity to invite you  on a journey full of  the supernatural ...Prophetic Ministry and prayer for Divine healing 

and miracles 

Yes we are taking the limit off Yahuah and are expecting miracles signs and wonders because these are to follow those who believe. If you are of faint heart and are comfortable with your daily routine this site is not for you. We believe in the impossible because we serve a Elohim(G-D) that ABLE to do above all we ask or think 

With Elohim ALL things are possible

Many are the afflictions of the righteous but Elohim delivers them out of them ALL

The latter rain will be greater than the former...This is the season NOW!

Come and be planted in fertile ground  so that your will be fruitful

My Blog


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